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Songs What I Does Like: Chapter Three

Yeh, this was supposed to be an every-other-Sunday-or-thereabouts kinda thing ... I failed at that. Now it's a whenever-I-feel-like-it thing. So:

"Broadsword", Turisas (Jethro Tull cover)
battle metal

So glenatron played me the original song, and said that he figured a folk metal band somewhere must have covered it ... so he did a search, and discovered that the band in question was none other than my beloved Turisas. Apparently this was a bonus track on their latest album, but although I bought the album I did not get this song. WHY WAS I EXCLUDED. Rage. But then Ben downloaded it from Amazon for me and I stopped raging. <3 It is so good. I mean it's not very Viking (I suspect that the dark sail might actually belong to a Viking longship?), but ... yeh, this song is completely relevant to my interests.
I see a dark sail on the horizon
Sat under a black cloud that hides the sun
Bring me my broadsword
And clear understanding
Bring me my cross of gold
As a talisman

"Saturnine", The Gathering
alternative rock

When I was in my mid-teens, I was obsessed with this band. They were one of the big things for me. I can't actually remember how I stumbled on them, although I think it may have been via my boyfriend of the time - which is ironic, considering the song choice. I haven't listened to them for years, but a character in a book I was reading was described as saturnine (man I love that word. I want saturnine characters), which in turn reminded me of this song and how awesome it is. Maybe I will get around to digging out some other old favourites from them.
The day you went away you had to screw me over
I guess you didn't know
All the stuff you left me with is way too much to handle
But I guess you don't care
You don't need to preach
You don't have to love me all the time

"Mordred's Lullaby", Heather Dale
Celtic rock

Yeh, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of you know this song already. It gets used everywhere. And with good reason: it's a damn fine tune. I often listened to it via YouTube, until it occurred to me that I could just buy it and listen whenever. I had intended to buy her album(s), as the majority of her music is inspired by Arthurian legend and Celtic myth, buuut her other music ... just kind of misses the spot where my musical taste is concerned. Which is a shame. Also, I've chosen this video because it was where I first heard the song. HELL YEH NUADA. <3
Guileless son,
Your spirit will hate her
The flower who married my brother the traitor
And you will expose his puppeteer behaviour
For you are the proof of how he betrayed her loyalty

"Elle Theme", Mary Elizabeth McGynn
alternative rock?

This woman does not have her own album, and that is a sacrilege. HER VOICE. Omg. I like me some ethereal vocals and dreamy soundscapes. <3 I stumbled upon her because I was watching Sesshomaru videos on YouTube (don't judge me), and found her song "Room Of Angel". Unfortunately the uploader has misattributed the song to someone else (and used the wrong song title), so I had to spend a while searching the internet until I could find what the song was actually called, what album is was from and who sang it. Turns out Ms McGynn does a lot of songs for the Silent Hill game OSTs. I downloaded a few (legally!) and this was one of them. This and "Room Of Angel" have been on repeat all morning, so it was hard to choose between them ... but in the end, this got me. I may have done that thing where I link songs to a scene or character(s). Ahem. So very beautiful. I particularly love the rhythm of the part where she sings:
In my mind faces keep returning
I still see her smile
And in the dark fear that I am feeling
Dies once in a while
And as the moon leads me through the madness
There, standing alone
I feel her breath coming from the shadows

"Ride On", Cruachan (cover - Christy Moore original?)
folk metal

Oki, so I featured the original song in the last chapter. Ben was surprised that I hadn't chosen this version because it's better and, having listened to it more, I'm inclined to agree. And also it's Cruachan. As one of the founding fathers of my most beloved music genre, I feel I ought to pay them homage from time to time. \m/
You ride the horse so well, hands light to the touch
I could never go with you no matter how I wanted to
Ride on, see you, I could never go with you
No matter how I wanted to

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