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Songs What I Does Like: Chapter Eight


"Brave", Josh Groban (listen here)
Operatic pop

Whatever, don't judge me. I love Josh Groban oki? I'M NOT ASHAMED. He's my voice husband. As well as Jari Mäenpää and Mathias Nygård. I'm a floozy, what can I say. Anyway, yes: new album! I think it's out in the states already, but it's released here on Monday. I haven't really listened to much of it yet besides this song, which I adore. Ohhh those strings. <3 <3  And those duel vocals. Unf unf. <3

"Born In Winter," Gojira (listen here)
Progressive metal

snow_forest, I think it was you who introduced me to this song? I'd heard of Gojira before, but they weren't really my thing (although I do love their instrumental track, Unicorn. Obviously). But I heard this song and just adored it ... in fact the rest of the album is pretty damn good, too. He's just got such an hypnotic voice here; and the music sounds like winter, you know? Also: 'one day you'll walk the world and keep in mind, the heart you've been given in winter time; and through the bitter cold, with opened eyes, you'll find the strength to fight and stand upright'. <3

"All Shall Float," Junius (listen here)
Indie rock
So a few months ago Alcest toured the UK and these guys were the support act. I love Alcest so, when it was recommended that fans of Alcest would like Junius, I gave them a listen and liked what I heard. I did buy the album which I was a little disappointed with, because it's very samey - I mean it's good music, but it's more or less the same song and the same vocals throughout. And as much as I like the dreamy, soaring sound, it does get a bit old after a while. But still: as a standalone song, I really like them.

"Slavsia, Rus'", Arkona (listen here)
Folk metal

So I've been listening to Arkona obsessively since December, when I transferred a load of old music from my PC to my new MP3 player. Gods, I love 'em. Also probably helps that I have a massive crush on Masha Scream, haha. But they ARE supremely talented musicians and Masha's ability to both sing like a goddess and roar like a demon continues to amaze me. I shared my favourite song of theirs back in Chapter Six, and it was really hard to choose which one to share now; but here you go, try this one. Because apparently I love Arkona songs with Rus' in the title. Also the image of Masha holding the drum aloft at the beginning and end of the video is pretty freakin' epic. This one is also more folk than metal, so if you don't like shouty shouty screamy screamy then you won't find any of that here. :P
Edit: Also I love this YouTube comment: "
The first time I saw Arkona live, they opened with this song... and Masha brutally beat that drum to within an inch of its life. It was f***ing awesome." \m/

"Ultimate Nachos And Tacos," Vegan Black Metal Chef (listen here)
Hahahahaaaa. Not so much music as hilarious novelty sharing. Man, I actually don't remember how I stumbled across this guy but ... seriously. So much awesome. Also I actually really like the songs, as songs. Is that weird?


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Feb. 22nd, 2013 12:38 pm (UTC)
I like the music in the Gojira song a lot. I'm not 100% sold on the vocals, although it is nice to hear something different :)
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