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Songs What I Does Like: Chapter Nine

It's music time again! And I have a lot, because I forgot to include several in my last entry. By the way, would you prefer me to embed the YouTube videos into my posts, or do you prefer it as I have it now?

"Rescuing Ghosts", Fox Amoore (here)

Holy Freyja I love this guy's music so very much. The song I wanted to share - Desert Runner - isn't actually online; so have this beautiful, touching, heartbreaking little video instead. Music by Fox Amoore, animation by Tirrel. It's another one where I'm like, "oh, this is pretty ... really fits the music ... aww yay, that's so sweet I'm really happy and - wait, what's happening now? OH GOD WHYYY". Sob.

"Humpaa Is My Neighbour," Troll Bends Fir feat. Jonne Järvelä (here)
Folk metal - clean/harsh vocals

Ahahaha. So back in October I was bouncing because I'd just rediscovered an old favourite of mine, who had changed their name (...by writing it in English, ha) and become even more epic than ever before. Anywho, here is another music video of theirs, this one featuring the the legendary Jonne of Korpiklaani. <3 This song is totally nuts but I love it and the video makes me smile: they just look like they've having so much fun.

"Mordminnen," Finntroll (here)
Folk metal - harsh vocals

And while we're talking about trolls and totally insane songs - how could I not share a track from the mighty Finntroll's latest album?! It only came out in the UK a couple of days ago so I haven't properly listened to it all (confession: haven't bought it yet, am conserving monies), but basically this is classic crazy nonsensical 'Troll music. I freakin' love the jolly little refrain in this song. XD

"Winter's Wall", Wise Children (here)
Indie-folk - clean vocals

I found these guys because of LastFM's nifty little free MP3 downloads section. Anywho, I loved them so much I went out and bought their albums. I think they have really clever lyrics. It was hard trying to decide which one to share, but considering the current weather situation, I thought this was the one to go for. The intro is mildly irritating - I hate the way it just stops, I kinda feel like the song could start 78 seconds later and not lose anything - but please listen beyond that. :)
If you stand on winter's wall
With the snow behind you
Then don't look back and don't let me find you
Just carry on straight and shake off the frost
'Cause I am deep winter, and I'll just get you lost

"Goodnight Sweet Ladies", Emilie Autumn (here)
Dark cabaret/electronica/classical - clean vocals

When this album came out last year, I pounced on it; but, unfortunately, I just didn't enjoy it very much. So I didn't listen to it for months, and then one day it popped up on my MP3 ... and I realised it was her best freakin' album yet. Basically, you have to treat it as a soundtrack for a musical; Emilie's stage shows have always been very theatrical, and as she's coming to the UK in September I absolutely can not wait to see the tour for this album! This is one of my favourite songs, because I really love the layered vocals and the beautiful lyrics.
Let no voice falter, let die no flame
Let all remember your every name
Let faces turn to the starry sky
Let songs be sung 'til our throats are dry

"Of The Fear," Dyonisis (here)
Ethereal rock/gothic folk - clean vocals

And continuing with the ethereal female vocals theme ... I give you Dyonisis. Incidentally, I found these guys because they were the support act for the very first Emilie Autumn gig I went to, at the Camden Underworld! Ha. Anyway, I bought their first album at aforementioned gig and played it many times; then their second album came out, but for some reason (read: I'm lazy) I never got around to ordering it, as it was only available through their website. Then this year, I found it on Amazon's MP3 downloads! Winner! It is just as beautiful as the first album, although the lyrics are a lot angrier. XD The lead singer, Nel, has a really fantastic voice; and when you create duel vocals by adding classically trained Louise to the mix, oh em to the gee. Just gorgeous.

"Apex Predator," Otep (here)
Nu metal - clean/harsh vocals

And from angelic voices to demoness made flesh ... it's the one and only Otep, with what is reputed to be her final album. Frowny face. I never did get to see her live. :( Hydra didn't get very good reviews, although most of the thumbs down ones that I read (from long term fans) seem to be whining mostly about her content - about how the songs are really dark and twisted, etc. etc. Which seems bizarre because that's what Otep does. I mean sure, there's some nasty stuff on here - like the song about torturing a man who tortured animals - but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe I'm just desensitised. I think this is a good album, and I love this song. Such a good beat. Also I've just seen the video for the first time and yehhhh ... I would.

"Against The Tide," Celldweller (here)
I don't know what the crap they are. - clean vocals

OH GODS THIS SONG. So powerful. <3 I desperately want a music video for this ... or to write a song fic for it. This is another song that I found via snow_forest, with whom I seem to share a lyric appreciation; keep making your own music posts, friends, because I love listening to what you share. :) The rest of their stuff seems to be mostly electronica style, which I'm not so into ... but the vocals and music on this song are so sweeping and powerful and I love the imagery the lyrics create. Edit: OMG THIS IS A MOONFLEET SONG OMG OMG. Wait, I don't have a tag for this? I don't have a tag for one of my favourite all time books?! Maybe because when I talk about, I'm mainly talking about Elzevir (under 'my fictional heroes')...
I finally get what you've been saying
Now that we're knee deep side by side
The storm clouds are circling above us
As we struggle against the tide

"The Smoke," In Mourning (here)
Progressive death metal - harsh vocals

I feel almost guilty sharing this, because it's yet another snow_forest track - is it lazy to pass along someone else's share? Maybe not. Anywho, I really like the deep, growly vocals and ... I dunno how to describe the music, it just rolls over you, I love it.


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Mar. 27th, 2013 10:17 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing!
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