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It's Sunday night again, and yes, I'm still doing this. Ha. I've just come back from a great weekend with great friends in Surrey (photos etc. to come later), so today's offering is a Surrey band - an Anglo-Saxon themed band, to be exact. And, as I have been obsessing over Hereward lately, this song is all about he!

Forefather was formed in 1997, but I didn't actually discover them until their 2008 album, "Steadfast". There's been nothing from them since then, although I've just had a Google and apparantly they may have a new album out this year? Anyway. In contrast to last week's song, Forefather are at the very metal end of the folk metal spectrum. In fact I think they only count as folk metal because of their lyrical content. But still, good stuff - and I really like this song.

And on a random Hereward-related tangent, here's a pretty neat little song I just found on YouTube - by a local guy, I think. It's not at all metal but I do rather like the violin work in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvHc87Z35a4


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Feb. 28th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
See that "brrrrrrrrrrrrr" drum sound is too fast for me. It's just like a kind of humming sound. You can really see what I mean when the drums get slower and it suddenly has a lot more momentum to it. Before that it's a bit like "brrrrrrrrrrrr [some guitar]" and I think when people try to play that heavy it ends up less heavy because it's not as heavy as it it would be if they played less.

This may be because I'm not very metal.
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