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Sundry weirdness.

This morning's unexpected weirdness was I arrived at the field to find that Ben's horses were not only on the wrong side of the electric tape, but had apparently taken a bucket of water with them. The bucket had been by the gate in the main field (as in, the part of the field the horses were supposed to be in), and it had been empty. Now both horses were standing there, drinking out of it and looking at me as though daring me to ask wtf.

Last night's weirdness was when my boyfriend was naked and covered in crickets.*

Anyway, just a few photos from my weekend. On Friday my Australian friends Kate and Tim came to visit and stay the night (we stopped over at theirs while we were visiting Oz), so I took them on a good hike round the Punch Bowl to show them the sights. I didn't take many photos though, because they didn't have a camera and as it was so hot I didn't want to keep making them stop and wait while I snapped away.

4 7 1
My village is famous for an 18th century sailor who drank at the local pub, bought food and drink for a penniless trio he met there, and was then horribly robbed and murdered by them on his road down to Portsmouth. Nice, eh. This stone was erected to commemorate the place he fell, although it has been moved several times (despite supposedly being cursed), so I doubt that this is the exact location - but it's certainly a scenic one.


We met this baby mouse while walking down one of the tracks in the valley. It bounced across the path, I said "Ooh! Look!", and then it hid behind my shoe. We kept walking and it ran ahead of us, at one point even stopping to clean its whiskers. Very cute, but perhaps not very bright.


On Saturday we literally had no plans - it was the first weekend in 6 weeks that I've been home - so Ben spent the morning with his horses and I took photos until it got to hot and I retired to the shade. Here, Iris is very worried by a burnt patch on the ground. But it wasn't so bad, because Ben let her put her head down to sniff it and after a brief inspection she started eating the grass instead.


The flies were very annoying. What is also annoying is that I discovered my little camera can shoot in RAW, and then later discovered that my paint program cannot handle RAW files. So those pictures will remain secret until I can fix that.


Iris and Cash.


Pretty pretty mare, no?


I don't tend to use effects and weird stuff like that, but these photos came out very badly which was a shame, as I loved Iris' poses. So I applied an ink sketch effect to make her stand out a bit more.



So yes: a good weekend. Was great to see Kate and Tim again, and we had a super tasty meal down the pub. Also Kate bought me a book about learning Old English, which is awesome as I've been naughty and let those studies fall by the wayside a little ... but no more! I'll make a Saxon out of me yet.

And this afternoon quietann is visiting! It's been a very international week. :)

* I was going to leave it at that, but then I was worried you'd think we were some kind of deviants so here's the innocent explanation: Ben had just taken a shower. I was attempting to decant my newly bought frog-food into their holding pen. As it was so hot last night, the little bastards were hyperactive and several of them bounced to freedom, so I called Ben to help me as I didn't have enough hands to close all the necessary lids. Ben runs out, drops his towel, we're both on hands and knees trying to catch frenzied crickets, and this seemed perfectly normal until Ben cries: "I'm naked and covered in crickets!" and I realised that this kind of thing probably doesn't happen in most households. Such is our life.


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Jul. 15th, 2013 09:43 am (UTC)
i really like that effect on the pictures of Iris. whose name, btw, reminds me of a KM Peyton book, "the last ditch" and the muse was called Iris.

and LOLZ! @ the crickets.
Jul. 15th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
That mare is gorgeous even when she's mid-spook.
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