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100 Photos Meme: day 14

Well, right now I am having very angry thoughts towards O2, as my phone has been completely useless for 4 days so far. Initially they told me that my date of transfer from Pay Monthly to Pay & Go would be tomorrow, and as I got an email last Wednesday to say that my new SIM card had been posted, I wasn't unduly worried. Until they deactivated my account at 7:30 on Friday morning.

When my new SIM still hadn't arrived with this morning's post, I rumbled up to their online help services and was told that, once the monthly contract is terminated, the current SIM is deactivated within 24 hours. Well that's not what I was told! Anyway, it was deactivated over 48 hours later, not 24. So now they are sending me another SIM, and hopefully this one will arrive. Maybe I can use my phone next week.

It's fine, O2. It's not like I need to keep in contact with the people who rely on me to look after their animals. It's not like it's MY BIRTHDAY tomorrow. I'm going to send them a photo of me looking sad and lonely with a party hat and an empty inbox and I hope they feel bad.

Day 14 - Something you hate

Day 14 - Something you hate


Sep. 3rd, 2013 07:44 am (UTC)
Sorry about the phone troubles. But I did want to say Happy Birthday to you! I hope you will have a good one.

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