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Fatty mousekins. <3

My mice are being super cute lately.

This morning I was putting on my wellies before leaving the house and they both came bustling over to the side of their box, marching across the top of an empty cardboard tea packet as they did so (I don't buy shelters for them, I just recycle instead!). The thing that was so cute about it was that they were side-by-side, really close together with shoulder and flank touching, and they totally mirrored each other as they walked. And because they were so squished together (I don't know why, the packet was plenty wide enough for them both), it meant that they had to lift their inside forelimbs in a really exaggerated manner. Hilarious. <3

So naturally I gave them a yoghurt drop each (rodents are smart animals. I'm pretty sure my girls have figured out that if they do cute things, they get treats). Lofty snatches hers, but Jackrum is really, really gentle. Lofty's quite funny actually because when I try to catch or handle her she's a wild thing - unlike the others, she's never really settled - but if I have treats, then suddenly she's my best friend.

I gave them a couple more yoghurt drops when I fed them this evening. I'd put the food in the bowl, Lofty had snatched her treat, and then I was trying to give one to Jackie who was already perched on the bowl rim, nibbling a nut. She completely blanked me and I was just standing there, poking her in the side with a yoghurt drop until she finished her nut and acknowledged me. Either she's getting old or I am butler to a goddamn mouse.

I made good ol' Sto Plains slumpie for dinner this evening (thank you, Nanny Ogg!) and the mice got a spoonful, too (it was made with Quorn mince btw, not real meat). They loved it. :)


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Sep. 25th, 2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
My rats mostly get cardboard boxes and things bought at the thrift store for under a dollar. I don't get people paying retail for things small animals will just chew and defecate on. I think the only thing they ever got for over $5 was their large, enclosed wheel, and I used a coupon for that.

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