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Current NaNoWriMo Wordcount: 33,911
Last Sentence: She filled a jug with warm water and brought it back to the table, picking up a cloth as she came past.
Last Line of Dialogue: "Yes," said Eira, forcing a wry smile. His eyes remained closed. "My left arm is entirely harmless."

Hm ... today was tough. I really had to force myself to write. I'm hoping it's just because I'm tired, and am a little deflated at having come to the end of a revisited scene (basically, on the 15th, I suddenly realised that my FMC had been blind THE WHOLE TIME. AARRGHH. At first I was just going to go back and make the required alterations to acknowledge this, but then I realised that would take up a lot of time that could be spent writing wordcount. My inner perfectionist, still fighting to get out, would not allow me to just leave it and suddenly start writing her as blind, so I used the strike-through method and rewrote the entire scene. It's not a word for word rewrite - I didn't refer back to the original scene at any point; things happen differently in this new version, and I like the fight scene much more).

I'm still 2000 words ahead of schedule though, so no need to panic just yet. :)

Anyway, a couple of interesting links that fellow WriMo's might enjoy:

Fantasy World Generator. Oki this one is seriously cool; enter your data, wait 45 seconds, and it will create an awesome world map full of interesting place names. I personally wouldn't use this for writing because I think it takes the fun out of building your own world, but it is a lot of fun to play with. And it might give you some ideas!

Kirsty Mitchell Photography - Wonderland gallery. I love all her photos, but naturally the Wonderland series is my favourite. Not technically related to NaNo, but some of the photos might inspire you for characters or settings. :)

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