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List meme: day three

More from this meme.

5 Things I Wish I Was More Knowledgeable About

1. History. I am a massive ancient history nerd and I love learning stuff, but I have a hard time keeping all that information in my head. I have a tendency to get utterly obsessed with a topic and eat up information about it before moving on to something else; for example, there was a time when I could have told you anything you wanted to know about the Black Prince. Now? I can only remember a few factoids. And I loved that man. I'd planned a pilgrimage to Canterbury and everything. I would like to remember dates - they are what I have the most trouble recalling. Except for the year of the first crusade, which has inexplicably stuck in my head since reading Crusader: By Horse To Jerusalem. It's 1096 by the way.

2. Politics, the economy ... alright, I have to be honest, these things aren't of massive interest to me. Unless we're talking about Roman politics. :3 But then again, maybe I only find them uninteresting because I don't understand them. Either way, I kind of feel that, as a grown woman, I should have a better grasp of these kind of things. Orrrr I can just continue being more intrigued by events that happened a thousand years ago.

3. Languages. I learnt French at school, but can only recall the basics; I used to be really good at Spanish, but these days only recall a few words. The language I would most like to conquer is Old English, because it is beautiful and fascinating (my username is Old English, by the way. It means warcry). I would like to know more Latin words off by heart, but I think I might skip learning how to converse in it fluently. And I would also like to learn German - which, to be honest, may be more practical than learning a dead language. I guess. :P

4. Being A Grown-Up. I guess this is a continuation of #2, in a way. I'm still waiting for that magic day when I suddenly understand everything. I'm pretty sure that's how it works; or do I have to become a parent first?

5. Learning. Basically, my inability to retain useful information is why all these other points are here. It's not even as though I don't like learning new stuff!! IT JUST FALLS OUT WHEN I'M NOT LOOKING. Gah. Maybe I'll claim that it's not because I'm a numpty, it's because I am a genius like Sherlock and I don't clutter my brain attic with unimportant stuff. Yeh. That's probably it.


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Dec. 9th, 2013 10:56 am (UTC)
I pondered about putting your #2 in my meme as well, for pretty much the exact same reasons...
Historic dates I have a lot of trouble remembering as well, except those that are of importance in Native American history. Maybe our ability to remember is directly tied to our scale of interest?
And yay for answer #3, because it gave me the meaning of your user name! I've been meaning to throw that question at you. And I hereby offer my service as a resource for learning German. =)
Dec. 9th, 2013 01:36 pm (UTC)
Economics is terribly confusing. Isaac is taking the class now and it's just... awful.
Dec. 9th, 2013 09:48 pm (UTC)
I had always wondered about your username. It's always sounded weird in my head, like "Here I come" with a strong I-don't-even-know-what accent, haha.
If you ever wanna practice Spanish with someone, I'll be here. I was a Spanish major, after all.~

I can't remember dates, either. D:
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