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List meme: day fifteen

More from the meme.

My Most Memorable Injuries (they're horse related. Surprise!)
1. Several years ago, I was competing in the Ridden Class at the National Shire Horse Show when my horse tripped at canter. I remember being very calm about it, sitting the stumble out and thinking that he'd right himself soon; and then realising that he'd gone past the point of no return, that we were both going down, and was it going to hurt? I only recall hitting the ground, which knocked the breath clean out of me; then some instinct told me to roll, so I did, and I felt something strike the back of my legs. When speaking to my friend afterwards, she said that Smokey - the horse - had turned a complete somersault, catapulting me off like Superman. What I'd felt strike my legs were his hind feet - if I hadn't rolled, he'd have come down on top of me!
            Amazingly, I didn't break any bones. I ruptured the cartilage in my ribs and breastbone, and had a black eye and a bruised/split lip, so I must have gone face-first but I honestly don't recall hitting my face at all. Apart from not being able to breath, it was all fairly painless. I am one lucky mo'fo!

Smokey and I shortly before the fall


2. When Iris broke my foot! That was earlier this year, three days after she arrived. She was shod when Ben bought her, and his trimmer was coming to take her shoes off and start her going barefoot (yeh I know, bloody typical - she couldn't have waited 24 hours before stepping on me?!). So anyway, I was putting her halter on in the field when she spooked at something, leapt in the air, and came down on my foot. And then just stayed there, even with me screaming at her; eventually I had to smack her with the rope to get my foot free. Omg it hurt. I removed my boot and sock, and it was as though my foot had been dipped in blue ink. Pretty crazy! Anyway, I don't get sympathy for this one because I never went to the doctor about it, but I do want to brag about my awesome bruise. I love a good bruise.

My foot isn't normally that fat, just fyi.


I've also broken my finger while riding, but that one isn't a particularly interesting story ... and it doesn't have a cool photo to accompany it, either. :P Actually, considering all the nasty falls I've had (including Smokey, I've had three horses fall with me; and one of them was when Pepsi reared up and flipped over backwards), I have been unbelievably lucky not to have broken more bones or received more injuries. I think I must be charmed...


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Dec. 20th, 2013 07:20 pm (UTC)
Ouch! Your foot looks awwwwful! I had a horse break two of my toes by stepping on it. Luckily, I haven't broken any other bones related to horses. ::knocks on wood::

Dec. 20th, 2013 07:59 pm (UTC)
The fall on Smokey sounds quite spectacular. My concussion was with a horse going down with me, but he had a rather snarky, spectacular buck with all four feet in the air before coming down, not landing square, and basically slapping the two of us on the ground flat out. He wasn't very graceful. I wasn't wearing a helmet (last time I'd do that), thank heaven the ground was soft and the concussion ended up being mild.

What a lovely bruise! The same horse as above nearly/broke my toe (never went to the doctor for it, doesn't quite bend like it used to). I was bringing his hind foot between my legs to clean and he HAD to RIGHT NOW have all of his weight on that foot. He got me with the leading edge of his toe, which hurt like crazy, I guess I was lucky he was barefoot.

Yay horses!
Dec. 21st, 2013 07:16 pm (UTC)
Eeeekkk all of those falls look and sound massively painful! :s
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