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Today's song has been chosen by fate. By destiny. By Odin Himself! ...Well, by my MP3 player on shuffle, at any rate. Having spent a rather knackering weekend at the Shire Horse Spring Show - without my music! - I hadn't really given much thought to what my Folk Metal Sunday song would be. So I just turned my Zen on and picked the first folk metally song it came up with...

...Which was "Battle Metal" by Turisas. Now: technically, I do not consider Turisas to be folk metal. They have a lot of similarities ... they're just not quite folk. But! Generally speaking, if you enjoy folk metal, you're quite likely to enjoy a band like Turisas. And in the future I will probably rave on about more bands that straddle the genre line, too.

Also, I saw Turisas for the 3rd time on Thursday night (which leads me briefly into the eternal debate of: why are the majority of Turisas fans total knobheads?) and they put on an amazing show. And, yes, this song featured in the playlist. It had to really, as it's the song they're most famous for - that and their cover of Boney M's "Rasputin" (YouTube it) - and gives the name to the genre they've made their own. It's not my favourite Turisas song, but it's a good place to start.

Turisas are Finnish and have been together for 14 years, although their first album (on which this title track appears) wasn't released until 2004.

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