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March 29th, 2016

Marty and the osteopath.

I had this dream last night in which I was out walking with Marty - possibly somewhere in Somerset, possibly South Wales - and Ben and at least one other person were our ground crew and were driving this big 7.5 tonne horsebox. They'd got a puncture so I arrived at the village ahead of them, and then for some reason I'd taken Marty's halter off. I wanted to hand-graze him while we waited so I just slipped the rope round his neck and led him out to graze along the verges. There was an endurance race or something going on and there were a lot of horses coming in and having a stop-over, but Marty just ambled along, munching as he went, and it was a lovely sunny day and everything felt great.

So it was quite funny when I woke up, checked my email, and saw poniesandphotos comment about using a neck rope on Marty!

We had Gavin Scofield, a cranial osteopath, out to see Marty this morning. He was a bit fractous by the time Gavin arrived as I'd actually caught him an hour earlier because that was when we'd needed to move fields, and I didn't think it was worth turning him out as I'd only have to catch him again half an hour later. So he came in and was groomed, and we did a little bit of work on asking for precise steps forward and/or backwards because he didn't want to stand still and was being a bit silly because his mates were out of siight. Then I hand-grazed him for a bit until Gavin arrived.

A very interesting session which I probably haven't explained very wellCollapse )

He's coming back out before Marty goes off for training, but is confident that should be the last session. He reiterated how smart Marty is and said that he realised he was being helped and understood what he needed to do very quickly. The thing with this cranial osteopathy is that it's very gradual and is about teaching the horse to break these old patterns and learn to carry themselves properly, rather than simply pushing things back into place; so a long-term change rather than short-term, I guess. A lot like horsemanship, come to think of it.

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