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Year in Photos: 2013

Well, we're nearly a month into 2014, but here is my Year in Photos post for 2013. I did cut out a load of photos, but this is still pretty image-intensive (I think there are about 35 pictures in all). Not really expecting anyone to look, I just really enjoy making this post as it's fun! :) 2013 was a pretty alright year.
January: On the 25th, Ben and I finally and officially owned our own home - although we weren't able to move in yet. Half of my face appeared in Horse & Hound magazine. I rode 3 times.

First ride of 2013, on Bob. Look how unseasonally warm it was!

The infamous glove love story takes a new, but ultimately tragic, turn.

February: first gig of the year, to see Korpiklaani - Jonne smiled and winked at me twice (yay!) and a young lad complimented my mosh pit energy and called me a "seasoned rocker" (nay...). I rode 6 times (4 of those rides were on Shires <3), and I drove the sledge.

Jonne! :D

Me and Pepsi. I'd tried to lead her out in-hand the day before and she'd been totally loco, so I opted to get on board instead - mum came with me!

Cash developed an inexplicable phobia of rugs. Wait ... everything about that pony is inexplicable.

March: I started looking after Xefira and Cassie. I rode 4 times (this was also the last time that I ever rode Bea, on the 10th, and I haven't ridden Pepsi since the 30th)

Bea having her spa day; I think she was quite concerned that we were sending her back to work! This was the last day I rode her.

I think this may have been one of the last times Ben tried getting back on Cash, who to this day remains a fat pasture pet...

The Shires won the team class at the National Shire Horse Show.

Zorro was enjoying being an outdoor horse again (he spent a very long time on total box rest due to an injury).

I lost little Polly, then Tonker, within a day of each other. :(

April: Our kitchen and bathroom were finishedI found a badger skull, Zorro retired and we FINALLY moved in to our home together on the 21st (not all these things are related). I rode twice.

Look how clean and shiny our kitchen was!

I came across an adder one morning while out on my bike. Never seen one before!

Ben had his experience day with the shires, a belated birthday gift. He also got to take Comet out for a drive round the village.

May: Ben and I visited Australia and Singapore. I rescued a crow who lived with us for 3 days. I rode 7 times.

Riding in Australia! :D

It's Golum! I miss that bird. :|

Jen and I in Professor Snape's potion class at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, hehe.

June: Ben got a new horse, Iris. Iris broke my foot. I found a wall buried in our garden. My dad turned 60. I didn't ride at all this month.

Ben and Iris, a couple of days after her arrival.

Ben got to wear his chainmail and knight it up at a show with the Shires. I acted as his squire, haha.

It was ridiculously hot, so when I was home for a few days mum and I bathed the horses. Here she is with Bea.

July: I FINALLY SAW WINTERSUN AFTER 9 YEARS OF HOPING AND DREAMING. Other things probably happened as well but who cares, because Wintersun. I rode once, at Hollowell Show (and possibly sat on Iris at some point?).

IT'S JARI. :D Also this was officially the hottest gig I have ever been to, and not in a good way.

Riding at Hollowell ... Macey thought he was in the Grand National.

August: visited South Wales to pick up Ben's new horse lorry, which subsequently exploded later in the month and caused Iris to have a weeks holiday with Mum & Dad in Cambridgeshire. Pepsi turned 29. I rode once.

Ben's first ride out on Iris.

My first ride on Iris (yeh, in shorts - and I don't even care).

Iris at her unexpected holiday camp.

September: it was my 27th birthday, I got to see snow leopards for the first time, and the best grey cat in the world passed away. Miss you, Georgie. :( I rode once, at the Autumn Shire Horse Show.

Harvey and I in the ridden class; we did not do spectacularly well, but whatevs! :P (I have no idea why this photo is so small)

Pepsi wearing the new bling headcollar that Jen bought her for her birthday. XD

Georgie-bear. <3

October: We saw Turisas in London. It was awesome-o. I rode twice, both times on Macey!

Love this band!

I was making pendants as though my life depended on it.

This happened.

Little Lofty mouse died. :(

November: Ben and I went to North Wales and got engaged on Portmeirion beach. Huzzah! :D I also won NaNoWriMo, Ben and Iris had their first dressage test and we went to see The Light Princess in London. I did not ride at all this month.

Hey look at us, all engaged and everything! Ben's 'only' 11 inches taller than me, he looks much taller here 'cause he was wearing his chunky hiking boots ... also maybe I was standing in a hole or something. :P

I got two new mice - Cariad and Merida! <3

Ben and Iris had their first dressage test.

December: I got a job! ...And then I got another job! We had crazy gales towards the end of the month, and Christmas was nearly cancelled after all the powerlines fell over (as far as I can tell). I rode ... at least 6 times.

Jackrum died! :( She was best mouse.

I had my first ride out on Iris ... and almost got bucked off, hahaha.

Last ride of 2013, on Otto.


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Jan. 21st, 2014 07:05 pm (UTC)
Loved this!
Jan. 22nd, 2014 06:23 am (UTC)
Awesome post! It feels like I've been around your journal longer than just September. *lol* Bookmarked your Australian adventure for a relaxed read later!
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