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100 Happy Days: Week Four

Still keeping up with this project. :)

2nd April: Shinies. :3 I bought these fantastic charms from Nicole de Bruin and was really pleased with their quality. Unfortunately I've lost my craft pliers, so won't be able to make any jewelry until I can find them!


3rd April: It was a lovely warm day, Otto and I had a really chilled ride, and I also thought that the misty haze was very pretty ... until I found out that the 'mist' was actually a combination of Saharan sand (cool?) and pollution (not cool). :s


4th April: Ben and I found a really cool cake shop at lunchtime - I should have put my hand in there for a size comparison, but it's a dinner plate those muffins are on. And even better - they only cost £1.95 each! In Surrey! Nothing is that cheap in Surrey!! The biscuits weren't as tasty as I thought they'd be, but I don't mind because colours.


5th April: Back in Wales today, if only for a few hours. <3 This also meant crossing the Severn, which I love. Rivers are awesome. Wales is awesome.


6th April: Banana beer, duck sausages and re-watching Firefly episodes (also, yes, this photo did cause some amusement when I posted it to FB. I did wonder whether to upload it: will my friends make immature comments about this, I thought? Of course they will. They're my friends).


7th April: Photographed a wren today! That's a tick against my Things To Photograph bucket list. She (he?) was building a nest, and I am ridiculously excited to have got this picture. I saw her through the window while I was taking a toilet break at work (haha...), but when I came back with my camera she wasn't there. I waited and waited, and just as I lowered my camera - thinking that I really ought to get on with my work - she reappeared! I snapped a few shots as she flew back and forth, but I think this was the best one. It's not going to win any prizes, but I'm pleased it came out at all; I was shooting through a murky window, and outside it was overcast and pouring with rain.


8th April: SUMMER.



Apr. 12th, 2014 09:27 am (UTC)
Banana beer?! Do I even want to know how that tastes? XD
And the wren picture is stunning!

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