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Today's song is because I am a giant nerd. Well; not even that. Just a bit of a weirdo, really. While perusing the Tall Ships Gallery of schoonersail.com, I clicked on a picture of the Norwegian ship, Christian Radich ... and the comment told me that the photo had been taken in Trondheim Fjord. Which immediately made me think of this brilliant song by Russian metallers, Fferyllt. I was more than a little excited by this realisation.

Mostly I just like to say "Trondheimsfjorden" and roll my R's as much as possible.

They formed in 2003, but I only stumbled across them last year while pootling around on YouTube. They are quite similiar to fellow Russians Arkona (who I don't think I've featured here, yet) - only better. The best sort of folk metal - with lots of crazy folkiness. Also I like to imagine that they're a slightly friendlier band. I love Astrid - the female vocalist's - voice; fairly deep for a woman, and she also does a lot of joiking which I approve of. So I'm quite gutted to discover that apparantly she is no longer in the band? Well THAT sucks. The male vocalist was rubbish.

In that case, if you want to check them out, stick to the only album they've released so far which is Dance Of Druids. I can't comment on what the new vocalist is like.

Unfortunately, I can only find the 2006 demo version; Fferyllt are not very well known, which is a shame because they're very good. Or at least they were, when they had Astrid. Although actually, this may not be Astrid on the demo? I don't think she joined the band until the following year? Damn it! I am confused. The demo came out in 2006, and yet in their 'former members' list they have no one before 2007. What is this I don't even.

Oh well. The music is the pretty much the same.

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