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Today I did battle with a mighty and terrible hoard of stinging nettles, and I won. I wiped them all out. Chopped them down where they stood. I even defeated their ally, the rose bush, which made a sneaky attempt to come round from the other side of the paddock and cut off my retreat. Disarmed it with a cunning strike of my shears. Now my mare can no longer use the electric fence to rub her bum on. Ha!

Anyway, what was my point concerning that irrelevant anecdote. That I live on the edge of fenland and we have to make up our own entertainment round here? Well, that too. But mostly, today's song is a song all about victory. In fact, it is called "Victory Song" (there's no need for being subtle when you're VICTORIOUS), by folk metal frontliners Ensiferum. Who, amazingly, I have not yet featured.

It took me a very long time to get into Ensiferum (and like most brilliant bands, they are from Finland). Another tedious tale: I discovered Wintersun first, and with it the glorious Jari Mäenpää. As we all know, Jari FAILS at being proactive and to date there is only one Wintersun album. So when I realised he was the vocalist for the first two Ensiferum albums, I was terribly excited and bought them immediately.

Ensiferum's replacement singer, however, is ... well ... I don't much like his vocals. They're all right, but he hasn't got much range. And even the die-hard Petri fans will have to agree that he's pretty boring live. :P So I resisted them for ages, until maximdigital finally managed to convert me. And I will admit: although I much prefer Jari's voice, the actual music has become amazing.

This song is brilliant because of the chorus. I love singing it as I love the way it rises and falls. Also: hello, ridiculously long intro (much like the intro of this post, huh? I win!)!

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