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Basically this is just a retro photo dump.

I've finally uploaded my photos from the second day of the Renaissance Fair ... but it's late and I didn't want to make a big Renaissance post tonight. So instead I found a horse survey on Bzoink and filled out some illustrated answers. I know, go figure.

Your Horse.

Name? Pepsi

Show name? She doesn't really have one, I've never shown her.

Age? 27

Colour? Bay

Height? 13.2hh

What breed? Don't know for sure as she's a rescue, but I'm pretty sure there's some Exmoor and New Forest in there. Also maybe a bit of Welsh.

Does he/she jump? If so, how high? The highest I've jumped her is 3ft.

Allrounder or one discipline in particular? Well ... she's done hunting, showjumping, RDA, gymkhanas, cross country, showing and adventuring. So I'd say she's an allrounder.

Broken in and backed yet? Yes, but you wouldn't always know it.

Been to shows? In the past, yes. I've only taken her to gymkhanas.

Is he/she spooky at all? Occassionally. She used to be really bad, but now she's rarely phased by things.

Easy to ride? or not for novice riders? Hm, difficult to say. She's the sort of pony where you can put a nervous, novice child on and she won't put a foot wrong. But if someone more experianced gets on board then she will use every trick in her book to see just how good they really are.

Does he/she buck, bolt, rear, kick or bite? All of the above, except for bolt. In 14 years she's only run away with me once. Bucking, however, is her speciality.

Easy to box shoe, load etc? Box shoe? ...Haha, mental image. But yes. She's fine with everything, except for loading.

You and your riding.

How long have you been riding? 19 years. No really. XD

Do you have lessons? Not anymore. I ought to, but they're so expensive these days - and I object to paying ridiculous amounts to ride when I can do it for free. The last place I rode at wasn't so hot on the teaching side.

Are you capable of trot? Well, I trot. Whether or not I'm capable of it...

What about canter? Yeh. But I'm not so keen. Although it does LOOK pretty cool...

Gallop? Have done, but would really rather prefer not to.

And jump? If so, what's that highest you've ever jumped? 3ft, with Pepsi. But I haven't jumped anything in years. I don't think I could remember how.

Favourite discipline? Adventuring!

Ever been a Pony Club member? Nope.

Ever been to Pony Club Camp? Nope.

Are you an experienced rider or a novice? An incompetent one. XD

Ever broken-in, backed or trained a young horse? Nope.

Ever done cross-country? Yep. Turns out I have an alarming talent for falling off whenever I jump logs. Falling off and LANDING on the log. That takes real talent!

Do you get nervous when riding at all? Only if I have to go faster than a trot. :P I know, it's ridiculous. A horse can have a proper bronco fit with me and I'll laugh - but ask me to canter and I start shaking.

Do you get fustrated when a horse won't do what you're asking from it? No. Unless they're running backwards. Omg that really gets on my nerves. Pepsi used to do it all the time; then she started running backwards and rearing. Then one day she ran backwards, reared, and fell over. She never did it again.

Do you think it's funny when small ponies try to buck you off? YES. All ponies, haha.

Ever had a bad riding accident? I've had a could-have-been-a-lot-worse one. Having an 18hh Shire somersault at canter with you, and be able to walk away with nowt but ruptured rib and breastbone cartlidge, is pretty damn lucky. Particularly as I can still remember that voice in my head, as I hit the ground, telling me to roll. Which I did, and felt something knock against my legs. Later, after speaking to the other riders, they said Smokey had completely flipped over and they thought he was going to land on me. What I'd felt on my legs were his hind hooves. :P

Ever taught a lesson? Nope.

Ever been ridden at a show? Yep. ...WAIT WHAT. I just read that question again. In which case, um, no.

Ever jumped a clear round? Yep! Omg, clear round jumping! LOVED that. Used to do that all the time with Lacey.

Ever come 1st at a show? Yes, once, in an in-hand harness class. The sad thing is I was only leading the horse for Elf. Elf and Pip had done all the harness cleaning. XD

Ever groomed a horse? Yes.

Bathed a horse? Yep.

Cleaned tack? Yep.

Ridden anything smaller than 13hh? Yes. Lacey was ... um ... 12.2hh, I think. And the first pony I rode was a Shetland.

Ridden anything bigger than 16hh? Um...


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Sep. 16th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Randomly and mostly off-topic but I went to the Eastern Idaho state fair and they were showing draft horses. I thought of you. (They had one 3-year-old mare who was 18 hands high and I was just like "good jesus that is a tall horse. 9_________9")
Sep. 16th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
I like this meme. Sadly I think I'm too lazy to fill it out for myself.

I have nervous phases of riding and fearless phases. I'm looking forward to riding over Summer, it's been forever.
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