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Things what I have done ... recently.

I am so tired. And I ache all over. All of which is kind of ridiculous, considering that I have only worked 2 days out of the past 6. :P

So! A small write-up regarding meeting allezbleu and her horses, a visit to the world's most insane tack shop, playing with glenatron's pony Cash and reacquainting myself with Zorro, and the all mighty annual AWESOME that is Heidenfest.

So on Saturday, glenatron and I made our way north of London to visit allezbleu. I'd not met her before so it was great to see her and her ponies, the beautiful Hero and the very sweet Zoro. Zoro was a bit anxious about things and Ben thought he might be able to help.

glenatron watching. He is, in fact, a Watcher.

So gorgeous!

allezbleu's other horse, Hero, being ridden by a friend of hers. Isn't he beautiful!!

We also visited 'Catlips' (I am a little sketchy on whether that's the actual name of the place, or just some nickname whose origin I probably don't want to know), an Aladdin's cave of horse-related stuff. Seriously. Anything you can think of, it was there - you just had to wade through several other things and a goodly layer of dust in order to get it. Bloody amazing. I loved it, really hope I get to go back one day. It was all second-hand but such good bargains. Ben bought a leather saddle in very good nick for £50; I got Pepsi a couple of rugs and a hood for £18.50.

Originally, the plan was for Ben to drop me off at the station that evening as I was supposed to be grooming/showing/riding at the East of England Autumn Show the next day. However, I got a text to say Waldburgs were no longer going, which was disapointing at first - I like that show and had been looking forward to it and the Shires ... but on the other hand, it meant that I got to spend more time with Ben. :) So we went out for a meal with Mel and her boyfriend before heading back down south. Really, really good day.

Because of the extra time, I was able to go to the stables on Sunday and visit Ben's ponies. He bought little Cash pony earlier this year but I'd not actually been able to meet him until that day, so that was very cool. Cash is so sweet. And soft! I could have snugged him all day. We didn't get long but I'm thankful for the time we had. Also got to say hi to Zorro again who is, as always, Freakin' Awesome.

Zorro. He is SUCH a stunner.

A cute short Cash and a cute tall Ben!

Cash was obsessed with the camera.

He is very photogenic. :3


Trying to persuade Cash that he wants to walk without a headcollar...

Maybe not!

Love this picture. <3


I went home Sunday night, went to work on Monday, and then went back down to see Ben on Monday evening. :P We both had Tuesday off, as it was Heidenfest day! Heidenfest is a brilliant, usually annual gig that sees a whole bunch of folk metal (or similar...) bands come together for an evening of awesome. I rate it as one of my highlights of the year, along with PaganFest (similar set up). I was really pleased that Ben wanted to come along, too. I have been sneaking more and more folk metal into his life over the past few months, and am absoloutly delighted to find that he likes it. :)

The first band on stage was Skálmöld, from Iceland. I was very excited about seeing them and they did not disapoint. 'Baldur' and 'Kvaðning' were the musical highlights. Next up were Norwegians TrollfesT who were, as Ben succinctly put it, "fairly pointless". I mean I was biased against them anyway because I loathe vocals like that, and although their musical line-up was good (extra points for having a tambourine at a metal gig!) and should have made for an excellent sound, they just didn't really make much sense. Too much noise for the sake of noise. Arkona, from Russia, should have followed, but apparantly they had been prevented from entering the country or something. Idk. I was disapointed because I like Arkona, and I'd really wanted Ben to see them live because I think he'd have loved them. So instead we had Scotland's Alestorm, who have been off my radar for years but it was like we'd never been apart. XD They did 'Wenches and Mead' and 'Captain Morgan's Revenge' back-to-back which was great, as those were the two songs I'd most wanted to hear. I mean, Chris still can't sing, and musically (or even lyrically) they're not the best, but when it comes to OTT silliness they are brilliant. A very fun band to be around. Then it was Finntroll, from Finland! MAN. I'd forgotten how BRILLIANT these guys are live. I mean they're brilliant on CD, too, but seeing them live is awesome. Vreth's vocals are love. That roar. Oh my. See, TrollfesT! This is how shouty vocals ought to be! None of that monotone screech nonsense. I think 'Nattfödd' was my favourite moment. Also 'Solsagen'. And 'Trollhammeren', obviously. :3 Heh. The headliners for the night were Turisas (also Finland). I love these guys so much. They still played 'One More' (my favourite song) too early in the set, but I don't mind so much; the main thing is that they played it. Unfortunately, we had to miss the very end in order to catch the train (I suspect they might have played their cover of 'Rasputin' then. Bah!).

I didn't take any photos, because I can't find my old camera (the one with shutter speed capabilities), nor did I buy an merch. OR line up outside the venue at stupid o'clock in the morning. I thought I might get twitchy about not being there as early as possible, but it was only in the last few minutes that I started feeling a bit AARRGH MUST GET IN LINE. :P It was nice just to hang out with Ben. Also we met up with zsazsaroar who is always a pleasure to be with, so it was all good. And we oggled a bit at the prices of the outfits in Atsuko Kudo ... beautiful stuff, though. <3

I went into Guildford with Ben the next morning, and explored the town until lunchtime when I met up with him outside work and we had lunch at a fantastic Thai restaurant. Mmmm! I approved. Then it was back on a train for me, this time to Cambridge where my Mum's graduation was being held! She has a degree in Early Years Childcare and Education. First member of the family to get one. Super proud!

Mum with me (wow, extreme Trollface there) and Dad. <3

Mum recieving her degree from the arch-chancellor.

Aaaaaand now I'm at work for the next 8 days. Which isn't so bad, really. Then it's glenatron time again. <3


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Oct. 13th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
I love the way it looks as though you totally photobombed that picture :)

Also pics of me and Cash snuggling are superbless. He's such a cute little guy.
Oct. 15th, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
Catlips is actually the name of the farm - its always been called Catlips though it is probably the most WEIRD name for a farm i kinda like it!!

You gus of course are welcome back *ANYTIME* for a Caltips run or even just to ride or play with the ponies :D We had a really lovely day with you both - thanks so much! xxxx
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