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Happy Samhain; have some horses.

Sacrewell held a Spooky Halloween Spectacular on the evenings of Friday through to Sunday, which saw the whole farm dressed up with suitably creepy themes. The main attraction was a tractor ride, which took visitors on a trip around the farm and pass various scenes. Elf and I were one of these.

The tractor and trailer would come out of the main yard and follow the road down past a large green. This area was unlit apart from the tractor's headlights and a few lamps along the trailer. As the tractor came round the top of the green, Dave would turn on our music - a soundtrack of heartbeats, howls, stamping hooves and wailing - and the visitors, naturally, would look towards the source of the sound to see what was going to happen. At this point my Mum would stand up, a dark shape in her long coat and hat, and while the visitors were focusing on her to see what she'd do Elf and I, in our highwaymen garb, would appear out of the darkness and trot past the trailer. We'd then turn and canter back, still keeping as close as we could to the trailer, pull up further down the green and then haress the visitors until the road veered away. Elf would leave first and I, who up til then had been doing my best Gaahl* impersonation, would follow (again, very close to the trailer) and then suddenly lean sideways in the saddle and snarl at them before thundering off. This earnt a brilliant reaction every time. XD

Macey and I. This hasn't been photoshopped - I suggested that Mum use a slower shutter speed, thinking she'd get a ghostly trail in the air, but she put it on her Night setting too and did some fiddling with the flash and THIS beauty resulted.

On Saturday afternoon we took the 6 horse team out. This involves lots of running for the grooms, because abruptly stopping six ton of horse is not easy and therefore avoided if possible, so we run ahead to halt the traffic when approaching junctions or tight bends in the road. Turns out I'm a lot fitter then I thought, as Other Dave and I were sprinting along side-by-side and holding perfectly normal conversations with each other. XD

An unflattering but hilarious photo that Penny's husband, Adrian, took of me on the dray. XD I look ready to bolt.

Some more photo's snagged from Penny's FB, because she had an actual camera with her. The team approaching the crossroads.

Approaching a junction. Elf is on Boy.

And now some Halloween photos! I apologise in advance if some of these are grainy; I uploaded them from my parent's computer, which they looked all right on, but viewing them now on my Netbook they look a bit noisy...

More Macey. Now, cantering scares me - I do my best to avoid it. But on Macey? No problem. On Macey at night in a giant unlit field? No problem. On Macey whose reins have had to be put on the second bar of his Liverpool because he was being so incredibly strong? No problem. I realise there is no logic to this at all. But put me on that horse and I have no fear.

Elf on Horace, who did not want to canter, and instead did some weird flaily thing with his legs.

Macey and I. You cna just about see Horace's legs in the distance.

Some ghostly trotting!


Elf and Horace in the stable yard.

Macey looking outstandinly handsome. Thanks to glenatron for the loan of the cloak, btw - I had my lovely black velvet waistcoat/bustle skirt combo underneath, but it was a bit too cold to just be wearing that. :(

And we won't speak of the Burger Incident. Although interestingly, as it turns out, a bolting 18.2hh horse can actually be stopped by someone standing their 17.3hh horse in his path. Horace is a good and solid boy...

* Gaahl, for those who don't know, was the one time front man of Gorgoroth and is best known for being INTENSELY BLOODY SCARY. I managed to see them live before he left and he creeped the hell out of me. It's just that stare. That total lack of expression. On anyone else you'd laugh at them, but Gaahl had the aura. :s


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Oct. 31st, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
What a cool (and appropriate) effect.
Oct. 31st, 2011 10:21 pm (UTC)
Spooky awesome. :D
Nov. 2nd, 2011 05:49 am (UTC)
Awesome pics! :)

And eek at the bolting. Bolting is so scary.
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