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Year in Review

A little early, but I'm away visiting glenatron tomorrow night and ... I'll probably be sleeping on the 31st. :/ Yeh, I'm rock 'n' roll.

Best Of 2011
Album: "Tiurida", Falkenbach
Gig: I can't decide! And I hardly went to any gigs this year! Ummm ... Sonata Arctica, in March. :3 Because they ALWAYS make me happy. <3
Movie: Hmm ... Sucker Punch?
Book:* "The Lions Of Al-Rassan", Guy Gavriel Kay
Horsey moment: The birth of Magic, Beatrice's baby girl, of course!
General moment: The voyage of the Saxonia...

* As in, book I read in 2011, not one that was published this year ... I don't tend to keep up with new books.

In 2011...
Countries I visited: Wales (twice) and Americaaaa! Also Canada, technically.
New things I did: Wow, this will be a fairly big list. Except the first thing I can think of is somewhat TMI. Uh ... so is the second. BUT. The family friendly list of new things what I have done this year:
- sailed a boat!
- visited America/left Europe/flew by myself/took a long haul flight
- met rainechan <3 <3
- met allezbleu! :D
- learnt to throw axes/throwing knives/shuriken
- went to a Renaissance Fair
- rode Western (or at least, I sat on Zorro and called it riding... :P)
- painted my face and cantered around in the dark on an 18.2hh horse
- dressed as a knight and rode into the local churchyard (on an 18hh horse...)
- had a go at throwing a lasso!
- started to learn an (old) new language - my Anglo-Saxon is by no means fluent, but I can recognise simple words. And know how to pronounce them. XD
I feel there are probably more...

Pepsi trying to kill me in January...

I have these dated as January 5th, did we celebrate zsazsaroar's birthday late or was I slack in uploading? Either way: myself and pinkkatie86 playing Pan's Labyrinth at zsazsaroar's day of birth celebrations in London.

Pepsi trying to kill me in February...

Riding the famous Zorro, noble steed of glenatron, in February...

Celebrating the Royal Wedding in April ... Pepsi not so impressed.

glenatron takes me sailing in May. I almost kill us all.

glenatron meets Pepsi (for the second time), in May.

Gulli cam in May! Miss that horse... :(

Riding Gulliver at the Royal Welsh showground in May, on his 9th ever ride under saddle. Winner!

With Comet in June.

Little Magic is born on June 14th!

Somewhere in Oxfordshire, with the Shires, in June.

glenatron meets Magic (aged 11 days).

The sunny July day we Trimmed Jen's Bush ... a day that mostly involved dicking around in the garden and subsequent dicking around in the pub.

glenatron visits Sacrewell with me and has a ride on Cooper the Clydesdale. No stirrup leathers were of sufficent length.

Visiting South Wales with glenatron in July.

Jen meets Magic (aged 1 month and 11 days).

Pepsi on her 27th birthday with flowers in her hair.

Pepsi cam in August...

Visiting America and rainechan in August!

Going to my first Renaissance Fair in September!

glenatron taking Pepsi for a walk in September ... mare did not approve of having someone she couldn't bite/kick/trample.

Gransden Show, with Macey, in September; fleefloodle and glenatron came to watch. :)

fleefloodle meets Magic (3 months and 10 days)

The mare being gorgeous one early September morning...

glenatron got to ride Harvey out with us!

glenatron with my big beautiful Jake... <3 <3 The two tall loves of my life!

Meeting allezbleu for the first time in October!

I meet Cash for the first time, in October!

glenatron lets me play with his pony ... not a euphemism.

I get to ride Cash! I am an embaressment and am not asked back. :P

glenatron starts teaching... :)

Getting ready for the Lord Mayor's parade, October...

I get to dress up and ride Macey, alongside Elf and Boy, at the Sacrewell Halloween festivities.

November, meeting new ponies for glenatron to help...

Pepsi cam, in November.

Getting to walk out with glenatron and Cash. :)

Met Hengist, my extremely friendly mouse!

Beatrice comes to stay in November.

Pepsi forgets she turned 27 three months earlier.

Bea and Pepsi, in December.


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Dec. 29th, 2011 09:40 pm (UTC)
Would have ridden Cash more often if you had your riding gear with you more often ;p

I'm glad to have featured in your year in review. You're pretty central to mine...
Dec. 29th, 2011 10:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, but I'm not going to haul it all the way down there with me every visit just on the offchance that we'll ride - that would also be incredibly rude of me! :P
Dec. 30th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
I love how horsey your year is. :D

It sounds so full.
Wow, it certainly has been a long year. :O

Yay knives! I learned this year too! d^_^b
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