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Spain photos...

I keep meaning to do a post about Spain, but half-way through I lose interest in writing/communicating/life, so I'm just going to do a picture post with sporadic comments and be done with it. :P

I look forward to this view so much - the first sight of the Ifach! I know I'm back then. :)

We went to Terra Natura and glenatron was followed by a goat.

And a mariachi on horseback sang to my little brother.

My family contemplating a llama ... or a llama contemplates them.

Nice layout, no? This is the part housing the camels, water buffalos, elephants and antelope. The figure taking photos is my Mum.

This elephant came up to us and just laid its trunk across the bank. Not sure if very cute or kinda sad...

King cobra!! <3 *flail* (this makes up for my failed attempt at photographing my favourite snake, the Gaboon Viper)

Tiger pen!

I took a lot of tiger photos. glenatron was very patient. <3

These dholes were just running around like loons. This one kept wall-of-deathing it around the pond, then would wade in and just sit there looking smug.

Albino diamond rattlesnake.

XD Want one!

glenatron, my brother and my parents ... with a giant cricket. Why the hell not?

glenatron and I went walking to find the old part of Calpe town, and during our meanderings he spotted this - a hummingbird moth! Isn't it beautiful? I'd never seen one before.

Another view of the Ifach as we walked home along the beach. The Ifach is what remains of an ancient volcano - a massive plug of rock that remains after the outer layers have long since eroded away.

glenatron being my backlit hero, striding across Roman ruins.

Guadalest, one of my most favourite places ever. I've probably mentioned it before but it's similar to how I envision Kali and Miri's home village to look like.

glenatron in his tower, photographing the resevoir ... perhaps he needs me to rescue him?

Somewhat ruined by the tennis courts, but I love this backbone of rock.

Next day, glenatron, my brother and I resolved to climb the Ifach, irregardless of Spain's infamous knowledge of health and safety (hint: they don't have one). This is a cat we found in the harbour. I like cats.

And the harbour from half-way up the base of the rock, before we got onto the Ifach proper.

Panoramic view.

Fuck yeh Spanish pathways.

This is a better one!

John and glenatron at the very top of the Ifach, 330m up!

Me and John at the top, hahaha.

My brother being epic.


I love cats.

glenatron stomping. He is the best. I love him even more then I love cats.

Then glenatron and I went to explore the nature reserve. He is best at camouflage!

And posing in front of waves.

At the Fuentes del Algar. My brother didn't come with us because he was being a grumpy teenager and wouldn't get out of bed. glenatron's thumbs up makes me grin every time!

The river a little further up.

My glenatron. <3

My light at the end of the tunnel.

Mum, Dad and glenatron!

Mum and Dad. :)

Wild flamingos on the salt flats opposite our apartments!

And reflections, as the sun sets with the town of Calpe between it and the salt flats...

My love.

After a family meal at our favourite restaurant; also just realised the only photo I took with my Granny in it. :/


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Jan. 25th, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC)
Hey! I hadn't seen some of these, I don't think. The one of me posing in front of waves is actually somewhat badass XD

Also you are adorablest.
Jan. 25th, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC)
That volcanic rock is the coolest thing!
Jan. 29th, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
WOW.. Those are AMAZING photos. <3
Makes me want to visit.
I am so jealous of Europe. Lol

You have major photo taking skill. d^_^b
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