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Haha, I love British weather: yesterday it was so warm and bright that Jen and I sat in the beer garden and drank cider, and today it snowed. Lulz.

Jen has been coming over every other day to ride out with me, which is nice although Pepsi has lost interest in the whole thing now. After Tuesday's rodeo event, she's mellowed completely and just plods with her ears on sideways. In fact, if I ask her to pick up her walking speed, she deliberately slows down - but is quite happy to keep trotting to catch up with Beatrice. Whatever, mare. I expected her to calm down after the initial excitement, but I didn't think it would happen that quickly! She's practically comatose!

On Thursday she was so laid-back that I even felt it was safe to come home via the Death Field. She bucked twice but they were only little bunny-hops, barely worth mentioning. Although on the second buck she cantered off for a few strides which took her past Bea. And Bea decided to trot. So Pepsi kept running. And Bea kept running. And I'm calling to Jen: "Don't trot! I am actually going to be killed! No really - PLEASE STOP TROTTING". XD XD Turns out, Jen had been trying to stop as soon as Bea had begun to trot. Both of us were being bolted with in slow motion. We are like the best equestrians ever.

Yesterday we finished work at 12 and went out for a sedate amble round the villages. Yesterday was also the day Jen learnt that I wasn't exaggerating when I warned her to keep a distance between the horses, because a little switch would flip in Pepsi's brain and she would TRY TO KILL ALL THE THINGS. AND RUN INTO A LAMP-POST WHILE BUCKING. RWWWAAARGH. After riding we went down the pub for 3 hours and got drunk. Good times!

Jen and Bea at the end of Thursday's ride (after a successful Death Field crossing!).

* The names in the subject line are our secret spy names. Or our My Little Pony names. I haven't decided yet. We got them courtesy of Thomas Cook.

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