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Ponies and stuff.

Also, this:

<3 <3

I did take a few photos of the Shire Horse Show, but none of them are particularly worthy of uploading because they were all point-and-clicks; I was working, after all, and didn't have the luxury of dicking around with my camera. :P I would suggest you check out the Flickr gallery I linked to in my last post if you're interested in seeing the show.

We done good, though: 6th (out of 24) in the In-Hand Senior Geldings with Jacob, 3rd (out of 12) in the In-Hand 3-year-old Geldings with Henry, 2nd in the Trade Turnout Teams (out of 4) and 2nd in the Trade Turnout Pairs (not sure how many were in that class, I wasn't there on Sunday).

Jen, Kala and Brookfield!Rob came to visit on Saturday, which was really cool, and Jen very nearly bought a 10-month-old colt. :P She's still very tempted. My fault entirely: letting her ride Bea has given her that Shire horse infatuation, because once you've ridden one you can never really go back to a 'normal' horse. I certainly don't enjoy riding as much as I do with a heavy.

Yesterday I had to work in the morning, then I went down to Bracknell (near Reading) to see glenatron's band play their debut gig*. They were AWESOME. Such an insanely talented bunch of people. I did take photos, but as I used Ben's camera I won't be able to share any until he uploads some.

I came home this afternoon and tomorrow it's back to my day job and boring normality. :(

So, to keep away the glooms, here are some more photos of Ben & ponies this morning.

Not sure how, but Zorro's neck and head are in sharp focus whereas the rest of his body decidedly isn't ... maybe that's a magic rope?

Ah yes, the :P ... classic Zorro.

The pigs were being suspicious. They were sleeping. I know, right?!

Cash conquers those Surrey hills.

Cash thought Ben might want to catch him. I just love how jaunty he looks while legging it.

* I feel it's important to draw attention to this: I went to see Ben instead of going back to the showground. In an unprecedented event, my love of a man went head-to-head with my love of the Shires and won. HELL FROZE OVER AND EVERYTHING.


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Mar. 19th, 2012 05:26 pm (UTC)
Cash is absolutely unconcerned about being caught isn't he? He just doesn't really feel like it. That pony is a pesky snuffweasel.

You did the right thing by coming to the gig. 100% right.
Mar. 19th, 2012 07:14 pm (UTC)
Ben won out over Shires? D'aww! Somewhere a god is terribly amused by that fact.
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