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Hilarity is a Pepsi.

Had a brilliant ride out this evening. Jen hasn't been able to come out with us for a couple of weeks and, I'm slightly ashamed to say, I haven't really ridden much because of blah and blah. I got on both mares yesterday though and Pepsi was really ploddy and meh. :( I don't actually like it when my girl acts her age...

So today I was just going to lead her out while Jen rode Bea. But as we were leaving the yard Sarah turned up with a different bridle for Bea, so we went back to swap them over and Pepsi was really fizzy. Jen took one look at her and suggested that maybe I ought to put a saddle on and ride her, so I did. She flybucked halfway down the drive and Sarah drove past giving me a thumbs up. XD

Later we trotted past a t-junction because cars were waiting and she did a rocking horse buck, in triplicate. XD

Then she tried to buck through the ford but I pulled her up so she just did a poncy little rear instead.

When we got onto the bridleway, we rode past a field and the horse in it came across at a gallop and tried to bite Beatrice over the fence. Bea didn't care, of course, but he bothered her until she'd gone past and then he turned on Pepsi. Who screamed. And screamed. And reared and span and kicked and struck and the other bastard horse did the same. I've never heard Pepsi so furious - bearing in mind this other horse was a part-Shire hunter, around 16hh, and my elderly 13.2hh was screaming blue murder at him.

By some miracle we got past but she was seriously wound up by it. On the plus side it also meant she'd worn herself out and the rest of the ride was nice and sedate, except for when a tractor came past just as we were turning for home and she ran backwards up the driveway. :P

And then Jen and I went to the pub. :D A successful end to a fun evening.

I still have to write my weekend-post, but there are a lot of photos so I'll do it tomorrow maybe ... now I am tired and feel a bit sick and want to go to bed.

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