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Ponies and music

A couple of photos posts for you ... first up, glenatron time!

I had Friday off in order to get my passport sorted (long story short: booked holiday to Austria in May, lost my passport, stressed out, decided to pay £112 to get a new one on the one-week service rather than a) risk it not arriving in time and b) would rather waste £112 on passport than £450 on holiday. Yes, I am aware that old passport will now turn up).

After a leisurely afternoon hanging out in Peterborough cathedral, I headed south to meet glenatron from work. We did the ponies then went to Reading where his band were performing at an open mic night. They were AWESOME, as always. :)

I apologise for the quality of these photos - I mean, they weren't excellent anyway (HATE my camera. Want my Canon back), but Facebook has helpfully made them extra grainy during upload.

next morning we played with ponies.

These field photos were actually taken Friday night, but ... shhh. Nobody really cares.

Cash is still being a bit of a numpty, so Ben did some more work with him in the arena. Here he's using the rope to get Cash used to things moving over his ears. Cash looks skeptical about his.

Cash knows where the pony treats are kept...

Shame about the stable stain, but he's still a pretty boy!

"Nooooo! Not the eeaaarrsss!"

He is such a gorgeous profile.

Hug time for a big friendly cob!

Zorro photobombs his own photo.

Hay is good!

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