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So last night I dreamt that glenatron had found Josh (my Mum's horse, who we had to have put down a few years ago - most of you will probably remember him). I wanted to reunite him with Mum but he ran away into the mist and I couldn't get him to come back. So that was a depressing start to the day.

Ben had collected Pepsi and driven her down to her new yard in Surrey; for some reason I wasn't around, so he left her in the horsebox for 4 hours until I arrived. In the dream this was perfectly acceptable. :P

I led her to the field and waiting in it was Josh; Ben was like "Yeh, I just managed to track him down, no biggie". Heh. I was worried about putting Pepsi out in a big field with so much grass, but I figured she hadn't seen Josh for ages so I'd put her in with him overnight then sort her a smaller paddock tomorrow. I was excited about telling Mum, but as she was supposed to be visiting soon I thought I'd keep quiet and make it a surprise.

Then Ben and I went to a gig, but I started really panicing about Pepsi having so much grass so I left early - without Ben - and nipped back to the stables. Only Josh wasn't there. A gate at the back of the field was open, and he'd gone through into a smaller paddock that was filled with mist. This paddock had three more gates, also open, and beyond them was thick fog and darkness. Josh wouldn't come to me, and I was desperately trying to shut all three of the outer gates so he wouldn't escape into the fog, and also shut the first gate so that Pepsi wouldn't get out too. I had to choose which one to shut first.

...And then I wandered off and got into an unexplained fist-fight with Wolf Larsen, my favourite character from my favourite book, who has absoloutly nothing to do with anything that previously happened. At all. So that was kinda weird.


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Apr. 19th, 2012 10:35 pm (UTC)
:( *hug*
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