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So it's almost the weekend and I haven't posted about last weekend, yet.

On Thursday, Ellie came to ride Pepsi. She used to ride for me until she got her own horse a year ago, but her instructor suggested that she try riding as many different ponies as possible - so she and Pepsi are reunited! I also put her up on Bea for a few circuits of the paddock, and that went down very well indeed. :)

I had to work Saturday, but was unexpectedly given the Sunday off so I went to visit glenatron. Naturally. We had an awesome day that involved clambering around on a neolithic hill fort. I like me some climbable history.

On Monday I had my fourth driving lesson which was TERRIFYING because I drove into town - which involves a horrible roundabout (the A14 leads onto it, so people drive bloody fast) and a ring road. I mean the ring road was fine - I am good at stopping and waiting and starting at traffic lights, now! - but I hated the roundabout. Hatehatehate. It's been my nightmare ever since I started my lessons, 'cause I knew one day I'd have to face it. Ugh.

On Tuesday Ellie came and rode Pepsi again, which is where that awesome jumping photo came from.

Yesterday I did some photography for my actual job, which was cool (and made me want to have a DSLR again...), but then today I got praised for the photos too so that gave me a happy.

And today my beloved pony, who had been awesome this past week, barged out of the stable and knocked me flying. When I went to herd her back she swung her arse on me and in my attempt to get the hell out of the way, I almost had my arm snapped - I certainly thought I'd broken it, as I lost feeling in it entirely. I think that was mostly caused by my elbow being smashed into the wall, however. I also believe that my screaming "FUCK OFF! STUPID BINT!!" will never allow me into the natural horsemanship circles that my boyfriend frequents. :P

From Thursday's ride. Pepsi is trying to eat the grass - because that is What Pepsi Does - and Ellie is successfully thwarting her. A year ago she'd have been pulled out the saddle when Peps tried that. Haha, mare! In yo FACE!

Cute little pony face.

I don't think Ellie expected Pepsi to jump as big as she did - and to be fair, who does expect that of a 27-year-old? The angle ruins it somewhat, but it's a big bank they're leaping up.

Up on Bea! :)

I love that long-legged stride.

On top of the hill with Ben. I'm kinda obsessed with my self-timer setting of late; but if I wasn't, there would be no photos of us together. You'd wonder if one of us was just an invention of the other...

Ben, pointing angrilly at trees. Or pointing out ancient earthworks. But which is more likely?

Ben, performing an interesting Shamanic dance atop the epic steps. Or sorting his shoelace. But again...

The hill fort. It was kinda difficult to get an encompassing photo of it...

My man is tall. :)


Cash pony!

Recently, despite being a nice riding horse for a year, Cash has completely forgotten that he's ever even seen a saddle before, let alone wear one. So Ben did some work with him.

Ben did work, Cash did running off like a goon.

Ben has the patience of a saint to put up with this. I would probably have been doing my "FUCK OFF, BINT!!" thing by that point.

Ben's expression makes me lol. <3

Pepsi and Ellie on Tuesday.

I liked the shot with the house in the background, but Pepsi put her ears back just at the wrong moment. Oh well!

Hey look! Hills!!

My girl. :D

Yes - that is the Doom Field they're riding across. Pepsi threw Ellie once in the Doom Field. Ellie somersaulted over Pepsi's head, and landed neatly on her feet - it was one of the most impressive falls I've seen...

And here it is again, because I love it. :)

Mostly, I like someone coming to ride my pony for me just because it means I can have photos of her that don't involve her standing around in a field. :P


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Apr. 20th, 2012 09:51 pm (UTC)
I love you guys <3
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