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The Austrian Adventure: Day 1 & 2

Right; time for the telling of the Austrian Adventure! To make sure it doesn't get too long-winded and picture-heavy*, I will only be doing one day at a time (or, as in this case, two days).

Nothing much really happens over these couple of days (we were on a coach for 22 hours of them, after all), but it does include some pictures of Jen and I being total retards. So that's always good.

* Also because my computer is a pile of crap and is completely incapable of doing anything useful in a timely fashion.

Day One & Two
We were on our coach by 10am, and then it was straight down to Dover – we were the last pick-up, so we had a clear run except for a few stops at services. Took the ferry across the channel at 3pm, and then across France, Belgium and Germany (11pm saw Jen and I playing in a playpark, in the dark, on the Belgium-Germany border. OMG it was so cool. There were little bouncy horses and swings and a slide and a weird whirly thing that almost killed us both, so I'm not entirely sure it suitable for kids ... although maybe kids are less incompetent than we are) before reaching Austria at around 7am the next day. To be honest there's not much to say about the start of the adventure, other than never will I ever do an overnight coach journey again. I didn't think it would be so bad; I've been to Germany four times via land travel - twice by lorry, once by coach and once by rail – and I figured this was just a little further. But no. It was awful. Worse for Jen I think, as she's taller than me and couldn't stretch her legs out even though we were on a supposedly 'luxury' coach.

We reached our hotel in the mountain village of Brandenberg just after 8am. It was GORGEOUS – hot sun, bright blue skies, bright green hills, snow-capped mountains in the distance; but Jen and I were so exhausted (we hadn't slept on the coach) that we just collapsed on our beds and slept solidly for 2 hours. When we woke it had clouded over. This was clearly our fault for being English.

We went for a walk anyway ... which turned out to be a 3 hour walk, because we got lost. Then Jen started worrying that she would go hypo and she didn't have her drugs with her and then I started worrying about her too and worried that if I had to run for help I'd probably collapse and die (I'm not unfit, but the air is a lot thinner in the Alps so it bloody well felt like I was!), and then our little squirrel-eaten corpses would be found weeks later ... it's one of those things you look back on and laugh.

The sensible decision in the end was just to retrace our steps, which we did, and when we got back to the village we were staying in ... we discovered we'd only been a few miles away at our furthest point, but because we'd squiggled around between here and there taking all these little interesting trails it had felt a lot further. We are retarded. It was funny. And apart from the mild panic it was a really nice walk. Oh! And we saw deer, too, really close up. And found a shrine (there are lots of these around here) with an extremely creepy Jesus inside.

Back at the hotel for another 2 hour nap (we are so old...), dinner (we shared the table with a semi-retired couple from Doncaster. Felt bad for whinging about the journey over here, as their pick-up had been almost 4 hours earlier than us), then another walk round the village. I was wearing my rainbow gloves and rainbow-maned Unicorn hat because it was cold and the mist was coming in (and I love my gloves and hat. Any excuse) ... and as a result, I got THE nastiest look ever from a local woman. XD She was walking faster than us, so we stepped aside to let her pass; I'm used to people giving me fairly odd looks but she proper eyeballed me, looked at Jen, glared at me again, then greeted Jen very stiffly – completely ignoring me – and walked on. So very weird. Jen said maybe she thought Jen was my carer, hahahaaa.

It was windy on the ferry.

Yay random foreign playpark! :D

Horsey. :3

First proper view of Austria, as the sun rises.

View from the balcony of our room!

Jen at the beginning of our ill-fated hike.

Pretty good view, huh...

Dancing down a hill.

There were SO MANY interesting trails, we took to flicking a coin to decide which way to go every time the path forked. This is probably why we got lost.

Climbed a very steep slope with some difficulty just to stand on a tree stump; felt proud, until a small Austrian schoolgirl walked right past me, no trouble at all, carrying two heavy schoolbags. :| Look, I'm a Fenlander dammit, this was an ACHIEVEMENT.

I don't think I'm a very good adventure partner, as I tend to walk everywhere at a million miles an hour and leave them behind. THERE'S SO MUCH TO SEE.

We saw a deer! And while we were watching this one, another galloped straight past us.

XD Jen found a meadow. She was happy.

Following another trail.

We walked all the way down this road and round the corner, in the vain hope that this might be the way we wanted to go ... it wasn't. So we walked all the way back again.

And then we sat down by the side of the road and bemoaned our terrible fate.

Jen does not want to walk any more...

I'm back in the village at this point. Jen is still walking up the hill. I am such a loyal friend.

After dinner, we went for another (shorter!) walk, staying within Brandenberg this time. This mist was just coming in for the evening. It's incredible round there: you can literally see it drifting down the mountainside.

Mountains hidden by mist.

After I got that nasty look from the random woman. HATERS GONNA HATE.


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Jun. 8th, 2012 07:50 pm (UTC)
You are the best adventure partner partly because you walk at a decent speed.
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