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The Austrian Adventure: Day 4

More Austrian wanderings!

Day Four
I dreamt - #1: I was in an arena with a bunch of horses and other people, watching a distant storm over the mountains. I was trying to take photos of the lightning, but then it changed from forked to sheet and started lighting the clouds a brilliantly fiery shade of orange; then someone started shouting to watch out, and a massive shock wave – like a nuclear bomb - spread out and knocked us down.
#2: Mobani and I think Audax had escaped from somewhere but got badly beaten up in the process; mostly Mobani, Audax was just being a bit of a girl – which is rather uncharacteristic of him. They were lying on the banks of a very wide river when the enemy guards found them and assumed them dead, so they were pushed into the water (Audax was playing dead to protect Mobani - no, not really sure where the logic in that was but in the dream it made sense - whereas Mobani was actually unconcious by this point). Then the enemy guards felt a bit bad so they sprinkled loads of petals onto the river, too. I was waiting for Mobani to be heroic and get himself and Audax out, but I woke up before I got to see how the chapter ended. Boooo. :(


The mist around here in the morning is crazy awesome, by the way – you can literally see it flowing through the air. I've only experienced that with sea mist before. Makes for some great views and photo opportunities!

We left the hotel at 9am and made the 2 hour journey to the Krimmler Wasserfälle, where I bought a lynx; then we went on to the town of Kitzbühl, where I bought another lynx. Then we went back to Brandenberg and it was the best day ever the end.

...I mean, other things happened too.

The Krimmler Wasserfälle is the highest waterfall in Europe at 380 metres in length, with its highest point being 1460 metres above sea level. We only had two hours there, leaving at 1pm, so Jen and I figured that we'd start out at the bottom – you could get a taxi up to the half-way point, but that seemed a) a waste of money and b) rather pathetic – and see how far we managed to get before midday, when we'd have to start heading down again. The spray from the falls was incredible – it looked like mist it was so thick, and we got soaked even a good distance from the water. Taking photos was tricky.

Jen says: “Don't forget to mention the rain. And the rain. And the soaking wet rain.” So yeh – it rained, after about forty minutes walking. And then the rain became a storm. It was actually pretty cool – the whole area darkened and a thick fog settled in. The area is so pretty that a bit of rain doesn't ruin the experience ... and we were already damp from the spray, so we didn't really mind.

In the end we actually made it to the half-way point, 1306 metres above sea level. Yay us! We ate a pretzel each. It was great.

The next stop was Kitzbühl, which is, apparently, an internationally renowned resort of the rich and famous – a particular favourite of Princess Diana's, as our tour guide was fond of telling us. Jen and I just wanted to see the churches, so you can probably imagine our reaction when we discovered we only had 2 hours to explore. We were slightly irked.

Anywho, we powered it down the main street and found the Church of Our Lady and the Parish church (“Zum Heiligen Andreas”), which were situated together on a little plateau and were gorgeous. By then we were used to the inner grandeur of the Austrian churches, but these were stunning on the outside, too. They almost had a fortified look to them.

In the 8th century an aisle-less church, called a Saalkirche, stood where the Parish church now stands; when Kitzbühl was founded in 1271 it was replaced with a larger church, but only the tower remains. The rest of it dates from the mid-15th to early 16th century.

The Church of Our Lady was first mentioned in 1373 though may date from earlier. The original tower was not big enough to house a bell, so was replaced in the late 16th century. It was extremely dinky and I liked it a lot.

We then tried to find some things that Jen wanted to see – the Death Lantern and the Gothic Portal – but the former turned out to be a bit of a disappointment and the latter was hidden somewhere within a friggin' casino. We couldn't find it and got moved on anyway because there was a movie being filmed in the street. Randomly. I should have asked what it was, really.

Also, horses! :D They were in harness and were giving tourists little tours of the town. There was a pair of wannabe Shires – Shire-type but a much lighter build, as they were very narrow with slender legs and only stood 16hh at the most – and a pair of some native draught breed that I just can't remember the name of. I loved them. I would have had a ride if we'd had time, because you know, it's not like I get enough heavy horses at home...

After dinner (again, no one sat with us – but we did have an hilarious chat with our driver and tour guide. And I didn't get any pudding because it was ice cream with EXTRA CREAM. Sad times), Jen and I went on an hour's hike up an interesting forest trail we'd seen the other night. There were mouses! We took photos. Then we found ANOTHER even MORE interesting trail and I really badly wanted to go further (it was a proper goblin forest. Mossy tree stumps and high banks with overhanging ferns), but it was getting late and dark and there was thunder. So we walked home under a rather apocalyptic sky.

View from our room that morning.

Photo taken through the coach window on our way to the waterfall.

We stopped off to admire the view and take photos. A lady in our group kindly took our picture for us. Jen is nearly 6 foot, by the way. I'm not that short.

At the bottom of the waterfall - you can see how wet it was!

On the way up.

And then the cloud came in...

Mare and foal! I spotted them as we passed in the coach on the way to Kitzbühl, and managed to snatch a photo.

I think I may have taken this from the coach, too?


MORE PONIES. Nearside mare: very pregnant?

The churches! <3 The parish church is in the foreground, while the one with the massive square tower is the Church of Our Lady.

The Church of Our Lady.

The parish church.

Inside the Church of Our Lady.

Inside the parish church.

We sat down to have lunch, and it turned out we were sat right by the route that the horses took! I think I exasperated Jen by leaping up every time I heard hooves and rushing out into the street to take photos.

Inside St. Catherine's, a beautiful little 14th century church set further into the heart of the town.

The other churches, seen down the high street.

Oh, and the spire of St. Catherine's just visible.

Hehe. :3

My lynxes! <3 An Iberian and a Eurasian.

View of Brandenberg, on our after dinner walk.


The Neverending Way that leads, in part, to the Goblin Forest.

Mouse! See him? At one point he came so close he almost climbed over Jen's shoe.

And the sky we walked home under.


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