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A long weekend.

A pretty good weekend! :) Well, it's been a fairly good week really - what with having Shires all over the place. How could I not be happy when I get to hang out with them everyday? It makes extra jobs to do, but I don't mind it at all. On Thursday I turned up 10 minutes late for work, covered in moisterising cream, green antiseptic jelly and mud. Such is my life. ^-^

glenatron was riding at a clinic with Steve Halfpenny this weekend, and I went down Friday night to see him work Saturday's session (was unable to stay the whole weekend for various reasons: Mum put her back out last week so was unable to do much more than chuck food at the horses, I'd already missed Dad's birthday due to horses so was determined to be around for Father's Day on Sunday, and to be 100% honest I don't have enough of an interest in natural horsemanship to warrant me paying £75 - plus £30 train fare - to spend 3 days watching it).

So Friday I was up at 5:30am to make sure ponies were done before work (I'd booked a half day, but as I only got to leave at noon if most of the work was done I'd arranged to start at 7am). Rain was forecast for the weekend, which meant Bea would have to come in because of her legs, and I made the stable ready so all Mum would have to do was open the door and let her in.

Rushed home from work, got a lift to the station, and made it down to Salisbury in just over 3 hours - despite 6 different trains! Lol. Ben was still riding, but as a cab would have cost me £30 I went looking for the bus instead. Then maybe took a detour and went to gaze in awe-stricken silence at the beautiful 13th entury Salisbury cathedral. Then I wandered around a little more and stopped off in Shakeaway to get a dairy-free milkshake and ask directions to the bus station (there was an American lass in there with a drawing pad, and OH MY GOD NO DRAWINGS E'ER ISSUED FORTH FROM MORTAL HAND. They were amazing. You'd have liked them, rainechan, they were all comic and game characters!). Found bus, got on bus, helpful lady told me where my stop was and I arrived safe and sound to meet Ben.

In conclusion: all people in Salisbury are lovely. I had a great couple of hours there.

Ben and I went out for an Indian meal and then discovered that they did B&B too, which was nice; we got to sleep in an actual bed and have an actual shower. Huzzah!

For the actual clinic I'll just share some photos and leave the write-up to Ben, who has more of an idea of what's going on then I do! :) It was a long day and I was feeling pretty rough by the end of it (8 hours sat on my arse in a cold, windswept field and then nearly 5 hours of travel do not a happy Sari make), but it was good to see Ben work and also to see his hero in action, too. :)

The windswept and heroic pair.

Cash hasn't liked having a saddle on for some time. On Friday, poor Ben was instructed to help fix this by throwing his more-expensive-than-the-horse saddle around until Cash manned up. On Saturday, he wisely decided to start this method with the much cheaper rug, first. :P

Cash looks like he's trying to scare away the saddle, haha...

<3 <3

Apparantly the saddle is fine if it's in his mouth...

XD Cash is a monster pony.

The zombie apocalypse has gone zoonotic! Cash smells brrraaaaaaiiiinnnsss!!

D'aw... <3

The saddle is on!

The saddle is off.

Steve helps. Cash is curious.

Aaahh, English summertime...

But the saddle is on and Cash is moving. Huzzah! A win for the day.

After nearly 9 hours solid sleep I was feeling much better, although I felt a bit dizzy after getting up on Cooper ... rode anyway because I'm supposed to be getting him fit for the New Forest show, and had done nothing with him for 2 days. Also because I'm an idiot.

So today I have:
- taken Cooper out for a morning ride
- helped Dad in the garden. Disapointed to not have an axe so he gave me a saw
- annoyed the cats by poking them with the extra long branches I'd lopped off
- shown Grandad how to get a 39 point word & obliterate Mum's chances of winning at Scrabble
- ridden my pony while waving a Union flag around

Photos of THAT to come later. :3


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Jun. 18th, 2012 09:31 pm (UTC)
You take some pretty awesome pictures.
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