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Ponies everywhere.

Nice couple of days.

Yesterday I finished work and went straight to the Shires, where I went out with Dave and the pair (William and Henry, that day). After that I took Cooper out for a really nice hack round the troll bridge bridleway, although it was horribly waterlogged and we couldn't canter. Then I went back to mine, fed Bea and Peps, then did some handling with Dinky and Flash. They do know things - Dink, after all, is 8-years-old and broken to ride and drive - but they've pretty much sat in a field for a while and have taken on a bit of feral herd mentality.

Today I worked until 6pm, and while cycling home an enormous hare popped out of the long grass, dashed into the recently mown hay field and ran parallel to the lane. I raced her and was gaining until she suddenly swerved sideways, leapt the bank and came right up to the road. We both slammed the brakes on, looked each other right in the eye, and then she whirled and was away across the fields.

I'm seeing so many hares lately and it makes me really happy. There's one that comes up onto the farm drive to eat my neighbour's garden every evening, hehe.

I poo-picked both pony paddocks this evening, then did some more handling with Dink and Flash. They are so freakin' cute. Dink gave me kisses and Flash tried to carry around the pooper-scooper and the wheelbarrow. I'm starting to think it was maybe a bad idea to have them at mine because I'm pretty much falling in love...

Tomorrow is work in the morning, then riding with Jen - weather and Beatrice permitting. Then Jen has to go back to work for a couple of hours so hopefully I'll get over to the Shires and give them a hand and/or ride Cooper. Then Jen is coming back and she's going to give me a hand with the ponies. And then PUB. Ahahahahaa!

Couple of pics (Pepsi not featured because she tried to kick me from both ends today. Therefore she is temporarily exiled):


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Jun. 22nd, 2012 09:59 pm (UTC)
Love the driving photo :)
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