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Many ponies of many colours.

Time for a small(ish) photo dump. I'm aware that I need to continue my Austrian entries - I will do! At some point! But for now, ponies ponies and more ponies.

I spent 2 hours trying to catch Dinky tonight and did not succeed, but on the plus side I got some good photos. And the mare had plenty of exercise.

Mare can move! Pity I was mostly wanting her to stand still...

Shire boys looking on.

Flash joined in at first, which made a pretty scene; but later it all descended into farce.

Flash got bored of running like an idiot, so he stood still. Dinky continued to canter in a big circle around him. I also circled Flash, at a walk, keeping level with Dink ... this went on for some time. It was like an equine reproduction of the atom. And THEN Dinky starts walking her circle and I am following her and Flash starts following me AND WE'RE ALL WALKING IN AN ENDLESS CIRCLE. AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND. My horsemanship incompetence shames me.

Pepsi tried to buck Ellie off a grand total of 4 times yesterday, but typically I didn't manage to catch any of them on camera.

I think they look pretty good together.

Love the jaunty angle of Ellie's hat silk. XD

glenatron and Cash at the clinic last weekend.

Unicorn Cash!


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Jul. 3rd, 2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
I do not need a chesnut pony. I do not need a chesnut pony. I do not need a chesnut pony...

Willow and Ranger do the same thing if she decides she doesn't want to come in - she runs round and round the field and he just stands in the middle and watches her XD
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