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Poor ginger pony!

A round of applause for Flash, please; the first pony in three? four? years to throw me off.

Poor little guy. I got on him for the first time yesterday (I personally think he's been ridden before, although I don't know for certain), and he was weird: weird as in he didn't react at all to having a person on his back, as though he'd been ridden all his life, and yet he didn't seem to know things like steering or leg aids. Also he was really ploddy, like a seaside donkey.

Today he had some real life in him: forward going, but not in a naughty way. He was walking out beautifully and within minutes had learnt that a squeeze from my legs meant walk on. I also taught him back up - I got him to the point where all I did was shift my weight back and pick up the reins and he'd respond.

...And then I got a little over confident and thought I'd see what happened if I asked for a trot. Feel so shame.

He flung out several massive broncs which I sat (Mum said he was bucking and twisting, but to be honest I wasn't aware of anything other than trying to stick with him). Then I lost a stirrup, got flung out of the saddle, got myself back in the saddle in the split second gap between landing and take-off, and then realised with acute irritation that my balance was entirely shot and I had no choice but to come off.

It really scared him because he did several laps of the paddock, broncing stiff-legged and open-mouthed, before seeking sanctuary in the field shelter where he allowed me to catch him without fuss.

I got back on and walked a few uneventful circuits before getting off and calling it a day. He still wanted to be my friend afterwards, so hopefully I haven't caused irreparable damage. Sigh.


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Jul. 25th, 2012 10:10 pm (UTC)
Ouch!!!! Not a good first trot.
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