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Music What I Does Like: Chapter One

Music What I Does Like

So, you may remember a little thing I used to do called Folk Metal Sunday. Real life got in the way of regularly updating that, and eventually it petered out into oblivion. BUT NO MORE! Well, kinda.

This replacement feature is not necessarily restricted to folk metal, nor will it always appear on a Sunday. It will just be an eclectic collection of songs that I've heard and liked and wanted to share, and will be posted pretty much according to whim.

I hope you find something that is relevant to your interests.

'Emmeline', by The Dead Man's Waltz
dark folk/folk noir

I discovered The Dead Man's Waltz through Bizarre magazine, randomly; they had a full-page review, and I immediately decided that this was the sort of band I wanted to check out. I was right. They are awesome. A little morbid, perhaps, but awesomely so. Their songs are mostly about life during World War II, and this is my favourite track from their debut album - a tragic but beautiful lovesong. Everything about this song is perfect. Also, even if the rest of the band look like serial killers, the vocalist is kinda pretty. #suckerforguyliner

'Welcome Home', by Radical Face
indie / indie pop

You'll probably recognise this song as it's the one used on the Nikon adverts; that's how I discovered it, anyway. I've loved it for ages and it makes me genuinely happy when that advert comes on TV (sad, that); but the other day, I thought I'd look up the lyrics. And it is so NOT the happy, joyful song I thought it was! From the chorus I'd imagined it to be a wonderful, nostalgic tune about homecoming - but it actually seems to be about the break-up of a relationship. :/ But still. Regardless of that fact, it is a gorgeous song and so beautifully written. I especially like the line 'Ships are launching from my chest, some have names but most do not; if you find one, please let me know which piece I've lost'. :')

'The Brightest Lights', by King Charles
indie / folk pop

A moment of hush, please - I heard a song on Radio 1 that I actually liked. I KNOW, RIGHT. It was played early on a Saturday morning and I haven't heard it since, but it brightened up my day at work and for that I am eternally grateful. It is just SUCH a fun song! I mean, I don't quite know what the lyrics mean ... it may well be another 'Welcome Home'. But still. Musically, very upbeat. Loooove the violin that occasionally creeps in. If you're a Mumford & Sons hater (hello, glenatron :P), don't be put off by the fact that this song is a collaboration - I actually have no idea what role Mumford play in this, although I presume they lend their instrumental skills in places. I also advise you to ignore this guys 'tache. Seriously. Just pretend it's not there.

'The Name Of The Wind', by Wodensthrone
atmospheric black metal / pagan black metal

Gosh. New album from the almighty Wodensthrone and it is superb. I'm not 100% sure that this is better than 'Loss', but it's a bloody good attempt - and as I'm hopefully seeing them live next weekend, I suspect that will do a lot to convince me. This is my favourite track so far; I love the gentle intro (wind sound effects ftw), and the way it picks up to reach that elusive point where a metal band is heavy without the use of excessive speed. Oh, and the final stanza of lyrics is very much relevant to my interests: 'Yet still I stand, bloodied but unbroken; by my own hands I forged my fate. In defiant mockery of the heavens the wind speaks to me once more ... and the gods scream my name'. GAH. <3


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Aug. 1st, 2012 10:29 am (UTC)
Hooray for music! :D <3
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