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A good Saturday. :)

Weird day, weather-wise. It started promising: when I rolled out to feed ponies at around 6:45 this morning, the fields were so thick with dew that I almost mistook it for frost. The sun was incredibly bright, and as it climbed the church spire to rise above the treeline the light bounced off the water drops and created this burning golden mist. Absolutely stunning.

I was at work until just gone 12, and every time I passed the common room and glanced out the window it was all blue skies and sunshine. I was very excited for my afternoon, planning to catch up on stable chores, work with Flash and then take Pepsi on an adventure.

But, sod's law, by the time I'd finished work the weather was closing in. There was a massive thunderstorm - haven't heard thunder that loud in ages - and I dashed out in a break between clouds to poo-pick the paddocks. Then the storm broke again.

And that's pretty much what it's been doing all afternoon, on and off. :( Ponies too wet to put tack on. Fields sodden. Stables flooding ... ugh.

So have some photos from yesterday, instead! :D glenatron came down after I'd finished work and then he, Kala, Jen and I went to the local zoo. Good times had by all. After that he did some work with Flashy, and then we went out for dinner at the pub before crawling home to collapse and sleep. XD We so hardcore.

When I was small, my favourite story was Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. I made my Dad read it to me every night ... except for the times when he'd be like "Don't you want a different story? Please?". So I'll always have a soft spot for mongooses.


One of only 3 white tigers in Britain.

Unimpressed meerkat is unimpressed.

So, in the bird section, regardless of what the pen labal said ... it was ALWAYS a freakin' kookaburra in the cage. ALWAYS. There was like some giant kookaburra conspiracy going on.

Heh. Aardwolves are weird but cute.

glenatron has a friend. :3

XD Flash so little ... Ben so tall.

Riding beneath an ominous sky ... it was stormy yesterday, too. And the day before that.

Having Ben work with him made so much difference - he actually had his ears forward for most of the riding, haha.

Oh yeh. He loves me. Totally. That just looks like a horse who wants to be hugged, huh? *cough*

So you know how I was saying he seemed quite blasé and introverted about things? Yeh, Ben found something to awaken his attention.

*sniggers* Poor worried pony!

But wow, when he moves. Also, check it: full suspension, eyes closed. Pony is a pro. XD

BUT LOOK AT THAT TROT. SERIOUSLY. ...Also Flash is moving rather nicely, too. :P

Zoom zoom!

"Nope. Not moving."

Taken this morning; I dunno, on the family computer you could see all the golds in the background, but on my Netbook it looks fairly poor? :/ Do I just have a shitty screen or is that what everyone sees?

And let's not forget the Pepsi. She so dainty!

I figured out she's actually going to be 28 this year. :| Well - I suppose she probably already is 28; I don't know her actual birthdate, we've always said end of August for some reason that I've forgotten in the past 14 years. But I'm aware that horses don't usually foal that late, so this date is unlikely...

Saying hello to Bea this afternoon.

Two old ladies together. Bea's only in her mid-to-late teens, but given that a Shire's lifespan is half that of a pony's, I figure they're technically more or less the same age.

Harry came prancing over, all piaffe and arched neck ... Pepsi told him to eff off. He spooked every time she looked at him after that.


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Aug. 5th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
Great animal photos. The Ben/Flash cracks me up.
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